The Lowdown On A Serviced Office

Serviced offices are the perfect answer for businesses looking to expand into new areas without the large expense of setting up a office with lease, fit out, staff, etc.

A company looking to set up in a new city for example could sign a contract on a monthly basis with a serviced office provider and gain advantage from having a base to conduct business meetings, recruit staff and figure out if the companies’ services and products will work in office refurbishment company the new location.

Serviced offices usually come with contemporary design and facilities and a smiling receptionist and admin to answer the telephone in your own business name and receive faxes, documentation and more usually paid on a per case basis or these services may be included in the deal.

A big advantage for the company is to have a physical address to put on their business cards providing instant credibility, along with a mailing address other than a post office box.

Serviced offices can be located in the city CBD or in major suburban centres and vary in sophistication as a home business obviously has different needs and expectations than an established corporate entity wanting to set up a presence in a new city.

Leasing options usually are flexible and can be weekly, monthly and even on a daily basis with a mixture of fixed or on a use by cost basis.

Expenses are usually easily budgeted for when entering into a serviced office agreement, so a business could easily plan and budget for a 30 to 90 day term on the basis of setting up a stable place if business went well or ditching the location if sales were low or recruitment tanked.

Compared to the expense and risk of signing a lease for a year or more in a new location which usually incurs a substantial bond in advance and then office fit out running into the thousands, a serviced office can be a very viable and cost effective option. Even a few rooms is expensive to fit out and when you add up equipment costs like phone systems, pcs and office furniture. A secretary and clerical employees to work the office also come with long term cost.

There are many options available and a fast way to decipher if the serviced offices would be suitable for your company would be to assess how you are greeted when you call them at first and ask your initial questions. After all, this is how your company will be represented when a potential customer calls your company if you choose to rent the service from them.


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