Preparing Your Visa Requirements For Australia

So, you’re eyeballing the visa requirements for Australia, and you’re worrying you will be left elbow-deep in a process that gets more and more difficult with each step. Well, you can forget being nervous now. Applying for Australian visas is much easier than you think. Do you know you can even apply online? Here’s how you go about it, and what documents to prepare.

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1. Prepare your passport from your home country. If your passport will expire in six months or less, renew it before you ready other visa requirements for Australia.

2. Get a copy of your diploma. This should be from the highest educational level you completed. Americans should present at least a high school diploma while residents of Chile, Thailand, Turkey, and Malaysia must show a post-secondary education diploma.

3. Download your own copy of Form 1163i. See if any medical exam requirement is applicable to your application. Note that the requirement can vary depending on where you lived in the last five years and what type of work you will be doing in Australia. Get a medical exam, if necessary, and have your doctor prepare a report which you can show to immigration officials.

4. Get a health insurance to cover you for the duration of your Australian visit. If you have the money for it, buy a long-term insurance that you can use online.

5. Prepare a police-or penal clearance-certificate. You will need one for every place you stayed in for the past 12 months.

6. Phone the Australian Immigration office assigned to your country. Ask for any special or additional requirements that may apply to you. Don’t forget to ask about their accepted payment method.

7. Print out, and then complete, Form 1208. This is the form for the Application for Work and Holiday Visa, and you can get this from the website of Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

8. Make certified copies of each page of your passport. Don’t forget to get two passport-sized photos taken.

9. Prepare all of the documents listed above. Then, send them-along with your passport’s certified copies and $195, in the form of payment appropriate-to the Australian Immigration Office nearest you. Remember, send certified copies, not the actual passport.

After preparing and submitting your visa requirements for Australia, it’s time for the most difficult step in the whole process: waiting. You’ll have to wait for approval before you do anything. On the upside, you won’t actually need your visa to be stamped on your passport. Visa approval is electronically relayed to border authorities. Good luck!


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